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I felt like I was in my own home…

My name is Ivon Candela y my husbands is Ulises Gonzalez. After visiting different clinics and different treatments one grand day life put in my path this clinic. The first day I entered the center it was like I had entered my own house and the people that work there were my family members. The treatment I received was very special and I wasn’t just a patient. To them I was and always will be there most important patient. I wish I could find a million words to describe and be able to tell them how special they are to me but its impossible. I will live my entire life and years beyond giving thanks to them because they gave me the most important thing in my world and that is the ability to be a mother. For that reason I have given them the poem below, that came from heart. Thank you.

“The privilege of returning faith and hope to others is like possessing God’s blessing. This blessing gets duplicated by this group of angels at this place, making people’s dreams come true.”
Thanks to all of you